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Posted by: SiteWorx 1 year ago

Excited about the prospect of building a new home? Being able to be a part of your home building process from the ground up can be an exciting and daunting task when it comes time to excavate. 

Excavation to prepare for building a foundation is often the first step of construction and we want to demystify it for you. Preparation is a key part of the process for you as a homeowner and for any excavation company, so let’s talk about it!


Before any work can begin, you need to have the proper permits in place. Any experienced excavation contractor knows this and most will handle it for you. It can take time to apply for and obtain these permits, so make sure you have that time built into the expected timeline for your excavation.

Site Survey

A site survey is simply a professional analysis of your building site. This ensures your property lines are correct and that your home will be built in the proper place. It essentially gives the contractor and other building teams a guide as they work.

A site survey can also reveal potential problems or challenges that may cause a delay as necessary changes are made to your construction site.

Conditions Of The Soil

Before grading and leveling can begin, your property’s soil needs to be assessed. This is an important step that ensures the soil will be able to support your home’s foundation as well as any other excavation that needs to happen.

Utility Lines

Before any digging begins, underground utility lines for water, gas, and electrical need to be identified and clearly marked. This is an essential part of the process that reduces the risk of accidents, injury, and unnecessary costs.


If your home is going to be built on a wooded or partially wooded lot, you may need to remove trees and stumps before beginning. Roots could get in the way of excavation and other construction equipment.

Hire The Best Professionals

Excavation isn’t a simple DIY project, especially when you’re talking about creating the foundation for your home. Preparing to excavate safely includes land development and strategic planning to complete successfully. 

Trust your excavation project to a team of professionals to ensure every crucial step is completed safely.

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