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Posted by: SiteWorx 2 years ago

No matter the industry, there are terms and language that are specific to that specific type of work. Understandably, the language surrounding excavation and job sites can be confusing to those who aren’t used to working in our industry every day.

Let’s talk about common terms you might hear from your excavation contractor and explain industry jargon.


This word can refer to several things: a type of company (like SiteWorx Services), a job site professional who excavates as part of their job, or a piece of construction equipment.

Types of Excavating

While excavating is simply the act of digging, there are several types of excavating that could be used on your property depending on your job site or project. Common excavation terms include:

Earth Excavating

This refers to removing the ground fill below the topsoil. This type of excavation generally is done to make room for foundations, grading, and below-grade equipment.

Topsoil Excavating

Removing the layer of topsoil allows us to give a job site a solid foundation.

Muck Excavating

This type of excavation is exactly what it sounds like: removing extremely wet soil from a job site.

Rock Excavating

Sometimes rock excavating is necessary to prepare for things like pipes and foundations to be laid underground. Depending on your location, you may have layers of rock that need to be removed before proceeding with a build or project.

Cut & Fill

This is a shorthand term for removing earth to make room for utilities and foundations underground and then using the materials that were removed to “fill” or level the ground.

Soil Remediation

Sometimes soil has been contaminated by hazardous or dangerous materials and needs to be treated or removed before building can begin. Learn more about soil remediation.


Manipulating the ground level of a job site is called grading. This can include spreading topsoil or other materials to make sure the surface is level. The goal of grading is to make sure the build site or base is level and ready to safely build on.


This excavation term is describing the process of removing roots that have stayed in the soil after a lot has been cleared. Brush, roots, debris, and logs, removing all of that can be referred to as grubbing. If there are stumps and larger pieces of debris, your excavation team may use bulldozers, scrapers, and dump trucks.

Hire The Best Excavation Team

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